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Revitalize your Fireplace with an Electric Fireplace Insert


Wood MantelIf you are looking for a way to revitalize your mantel for 2014, here are some fireplace mantel ideas! MantelCraft has the perfect mantel for your living space if you are in the market for a new one. These fireplace mantel ideas are guaranteed to make your mantel marvelous, and heat up the decor of any room.

Instead of hanging art on the wall, lean pictures of various sizes on the mantel. Try to use odd numbers of things, because that always look better than even numbers.  Three is always a safe number of pictures to use.  For the best effect, place the largest painting or drawing on the mantel first, slightly off-center, with the second and third pieces slightly overlapping in front of it.  In addition to giving the impression that the pieces were accumulated over time, leaning objects allows you to tuck in mementos or seasonal objects very easily.

If you prefer to hang art above the fireplace, consider replacing one painting with a series of nearly identical pieces hung in a grid, starting right above the mantel and going up almost to the ceiling.  Think about an arrangement of black and white photography, or prints by the same artist.  If you arrange them purposefully, the frames themselves create a pattern, almost like a very bold wallpaper.

Whether hung on a wall or propped up, the things above your fireplace don't need to be two-dimensional. In fact, in a contemporary home where there is no shelf at all above the fireplace, you absolutely need a three-dimensional sculpture, because a flat thing like a painting will almost disappear. Art galleries and museum shops offer lots of sculptural choices. But don't be afraid to think beyond officially-designated art pieces.

Whatever your style, these fireplace mantel ideas should get your creativity flowing and allow you to revitalize your space for the New Year.  If you are in the market for a new mantel, please visit our website