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Incorporating a Mantel Surround into your Living Room Makeover


Mantel SurroundWith the New Year right around the corner, some of us are already thinking about what we want to accomplish in 2014? Think outside the normal ideas of losing weight or getting shape.  Start thinking about what you can do to make your home a happier, more inviting place.  How about a living room makeover?  Here are some thoughts that will get your creativity flowing.  Don’t forget that MantelCraft can assist you with giving your mantel surround a completely new look.

Every house has a room where the family gathers.  Here are some ideas to turn your home's gathering space into a cozy retreat.  If your space lacks storage, color, and originality here are some ideas that will brighten your room and make it more functional.

To soften the look, lighten the space. Add drapery panels, add a light colored wainscot paneling, and replace the carpet.  Give your furnishings a boost with color, pattern, and texture.  Choose a modern floral fabric for accent chairs.  Find a fun stripe pillow to add texture and color to the sofa.

The next stage of this project involves giving the fireplace a new look.  Replace the pre-existing mantel surround with a new design from MantelCraft.  In addition to this change, consider a complete new mantel. This change will guarantee to change the make-up of the room, since the fireplace is the focal point of the room. 

Now that you have painted, added wainscoting, replaced flooring, added new furniture, and completely transformed your mantel and mantel surround, what is left?  Accessories --  throws and pillows in cotton, linen, and velvet -- add even more texture. Unique wall art adds even more color and texture to the room and ties it all together.

MantelCraft is ready to assist you in your remodeling project.  Visit our website to find the perfect mantel surround.  Contact us today if you have any questions.