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Jasmine Art Glass



Welcome to the world of Jasmine Art Glass.

We've found that the best way to describe who we are is to describe what it is we do. That story usually starts with a question - "What is fused glass and how is it made?"


Jasmine fused glass is created in a process that has been developed and refined over more than twenty years by artist Benjamin Chang in his San Francisco based studio. Benjamin holds a Master of Fine Arts degree and has spent his adult life honing his talents and developing unique glass fusion techniques.


The fusing of glass (with or without added, non-glass components) is done at temperatures just exceeding the glass's melting point which causes the individual components to meld together into a unified piece. Dimension can be added to the piece by placing the glass on top of different shaped molds (materials with higher melting points than glass) so that when the glass begins to melt, it flows into the mold and takes shape. This is how bowls, bowled platters, and other dimensional pieces are typically made. Sometimes the pieces are created in a multiple firing sequence: first some glass pieces are fused together, and in a second firing, a mold is used to give the piece shape and form.


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