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Fireplace Mantel Ideas for Fall Decorating


Fall MantelWith fall in full swing, and the winter holidays right around the corner, most of us have started thinking about decorating.  This time of year brings a whirlwind of activity so it is important not to let yourself get behind.  If you have not decorated your mantel for the fall, here are some fireplace mantel ideas to get you started.

Fall doesn't have to look rustic. You can add rich metallic touches throughout your fall mantel. A bold circular mirror anchors an arrangement, and vibrant berry-filled vases create balance.  Underneath the mirror you can fill an antique bowl with shimmering pumpkins and gourds. To add glam to a pair of woodland owls, spray paint them gold.  If you switch your mantel decor often, don't be afraid to borrow from other seasons. The red berries you fill the vases with can be repurposed for the winter holidays.  Just change out the container and add touches of greenery.

For many people, giving thanks is a big part of fall. Allow your mantel to speak to Thanksgiving with a warm gratitude theme mantel. Layered frames and a wheat arrangement add height and depth, while white touches guide the eye across the mantel. Stencil lettering on a burlap banner and paint pumpkins, to display your “give thanks” theme.

If you enjoy brighter colors try this. Brighten up your fall mantel by complementing shades of orange with bold turquoise. Dollar store pumpkins become cute photo holders with spray paint and twisted floral wire.  Make a reusable banner by cutting out pieces of burlap and adding adhesive chalkboard labels. Clothespins let you add or take away pieces, depending on the message you want to send. A reclaimed window frame, transformed with festive fabric, makes a bold backdrop.

There are numerous fireplace mantel ideas for the fall.  Have fun and get creative! If you are in need of a new mantel before you begin decorating, visit our website at MantelCraft.comContact us for any questions! 

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