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Fireplace Mantel Ideas for 2014


Stone Fireplace mantelIn a previous post, we offered fireplace mantel ideas that focused on the placement of pictures.  In this post, we will further those ideas using various objects.

While one or two great objects can certainly work well above a fireplace, mantels are also the perfect place to showcase larger collections but you have to be careful. Don't mix in ceramics or wood, because it will start to look cluttered.  If you want a more colorful arrangement, go for items that are similar in size, scale and origin. Antique Chinese snuff bottles in different colors and materials can work very well together. Or try rainbow-hued Scandinavian cased glass vases, or brightly glazed majolica. Because the pieces relate well to one another, the look will be cohesive even if the shapes and colors vary greatly.

If you haven't found anything you want to showcase above your fireplace, or if you just want to keep things as minimal as possible you can also create mantel drama simply by painting the wall a dramatic color. With a bold color behind the fireplace, all you really need are some pretty tea lights to make the mantel the focus of the room. Whatever approach you choose, go for high impact when styling your mantel. It really sets the tone for the rest of the space.

We hope these fireplace mantel ideas will give you some ideas of how to style your new mantel from MantelCraft. Our mantels are made from wood, stone, and marble. With a wide variety of designs from various price points, we are sure to have one to fit your style and budget.  Visit our website to see our collection of beautiful mantels.  Contact us if you have any questions.  We pride ourselves on superior customer service and look forward to the opportunity to work for you!