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Decorating your Marble Mantel


Marble MantelBecause the fireplace always loves to be the center of attention, the way you decorate its mantel can have a dramatic impact on a room. It is the perfect perch for displaying everything from art to flowers to a personal collection of objects. Your marble mantel can say a lot about a room’s intended style—minimalist or extravagant, contemporary or classic.  In addition, it highlights the interests and experiences of the homeowners. Here are some ideas to make the most out of your beautiful marble mantel from Mantel Craft.

One idea is to use your mantel to present changing displays of flowers.  Use it as an opportunity to assemble the things you love.  If you love the vases and flowers, consider this option.  You could do flowering branches in spring, winterberry in winter, peonies in the summer. Using changing flowers gives you the chance to set up a whole different spirit in the room.

Break the symmetry and create visual interest by selecting a collection from various objects: two pretty planters, a pair of candlesticks, a clock, and decorative boxes. You can dress and re-dress your mantel to fit the season using different pieces from your collection. Your marble mantel is the central focal point of your room and an easy place to make small changes that help keep a room from feeling stagnant.

Mantels should be seen as their own unique piece of furniture.  Think of it as a focal point, and not a piece of architecture.  Changing up your marble mantel can change up your entire room.  Mantel Craft offers beautiful marble mantels, and we would love to work with you to find the perfect one for your home.  We offer several color options and styles that vary from simple to extremely ornate.  Contact us today!