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  • Lessburg mantel finished in an off white color.
  • A beautiful fireplace mantel, painted white
  • Leesburg mantel with Modern Flames HomeFire 42 electric fireplace insert
  • Enhance the beauty of your room with the Leesburg custom fireplace mantel.
  • Beautiful clean lines on the legs of the fireplace mantel.
  • Leesburg mantel installed on brick wall around a fireplace insert
  • Top trim is raised up above the top of the shelf to provide a protective edge.
  • Performance antimicrobial finishes for wood products.

Leesburg Wood Fireplace Mantel - Custom

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1 = Side Clearance Left:

(Maximum Size: . Type: )
2 = Facing Width:

(Maximum Size: . Type: )
3 = Side Clearance Right:

(Maximum Size: . Type: )
4 = Firebox Opening Height:

(Maximum Size: . Type: )
5 = Firebox Opening Width:

(Maximum Size: . Type: )
6 = Facing Material Height:

(Maximum Size: . Type: )
7 = Hearth Extension Left:

(Maximum Size: . Type: )
8 = Hearth Extension Right:

(Maximum Size: . Type: )
9 = Facing Thickness:

(Maximum Size: . Type: )
10 = Left Facings Width:

(Maximum Size: . Type: )
11 = Right Facing Width:

(Maximum Size: . Type: )
12 = Hearth Height:

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13 = Hearth Length:

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14 = Hearth Depth:

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Product Description

A custom wood fireplace mantel with classic looks at an affordable price, our Leesburg has a classic style with clean lines. All Leesburg mantels have fluted 9" wide mantle legs capped by top and bottom plinth blocks, and there is simple rectangular frame molding in the header. The mantel shelf is simple yet elegant with a short, plain skirt to give this mantel a high end feel. Paint only grade mantels are unfinished and will need to be primed or painted. 

Additionally, another of the alternate images shows how our mantels can be used when a raised hearth is the same width as the facing on the wall. The mantel opening width is sized about 1" larger than the hearth, and the scribe molding is cut short so that it rests on top of the hearth. In this application, the rest of the legs go down to the floor beside the hearth. All stain grade mantels are made from a combination of hardwoods and veneers. Paint grade product is made from solid poplar moldings and MDF which can be primed and painted.


Standard Dimensions
Shelf Depth = 9" when Return Depth is 1 1/2"
Shelf Length = Mantel Opening Width + 26 1/2"
Leg Width = 9"
Header Height=13"

Not familiar with mantels? Check Mantel Components for additional information.

Price a Mantel Now Using Easy Steps 1, 2 and 3!

Calculate the dimensions for a custom mantel yourself by following steps 1, 2 & 3 or,
Fireplace Dimension Worksheet

Step 1. Gather Your Fireplace and Facing Measurements.
Choose either the Standard or Full Wall illustration that best resembles your existing fireplace and facing, then note measurements 1-14. (Some answers might be 0.")



 Step 2. Determine Mantel Size.
Wood mantels are sized using just 3 dimensions: the mantel opening width, opening height, and mantel return. To determine what dimensions you need, follow these basic guidelines:

Precise Mantel Opening Width
Equals Facing Width "2" less (minimum) 1"

Precise Mantel Opening Height
Equals Facing Height "6" less (minimum) 1/2"

Precise Mantel Return Depth
Equals Facing Thickness "9" plus (minim.) 1/2"

(Note: The mantel overlaps the outside edges of the facing. Make alterations to your facing prior to measuring.)Your mantel size may need to be altered due to the fireplace, wall, or hearth configuration. We will address this in the line drawing we send to you.

Step 3. Enter Measurements, Comments, Wood, Finish & Sizing Options.
Simply enter the 1-14 measurements you gathered in Step 1 in the fields below. If desired, enter a desired shelf height and desired inches of facing showing above and beside the firebox opening. Write a short note, if desired, choose a wood type and finish and the appropriate mantel opening width range, opening height range and return depth range. Enter the precise measurements for each, if you've calculated them. The price in the box at the bottom of the page changes as you make wood, finish and sizing selections.

Once you complete the checkout process, we will review your measurements and selections, and to insure a proper fit and customer satisfaction, you will receive a dimensioned line drawing of your custom mantel via email for your approval BEFORE your mantle is built and BEFORE your credit card is charged.

Feel free to phone in your order.
Call (800) 820-7177 M-F.




Warranty Information

One-Year Limited Warranty

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Product Reviews

  1. Mantel looks great!

    Posted by Amanda on Aug 22nd 2016

    After our builder could not envision what we did for our fireplace, we turned to mantel craft in desperation to fix the mess that he created! When our mantel arrived we knew it would look beautiful before my husband even installed it. Installation was very straight forward and the mantel looks amazing! Highly recommend!

  2. Excellent product for the price

    Posted by charlie on Jul 18th 2016

    I recently ordered and received a mantel for my fireplace. The mantel arrived undamaged but there were issues with the shipping box that I think you should know about. First, the mantel was not damaged. The box in which it was shipped was damaged, I do not know how or when. I have attached four photos so you could see the damage. The right end of the box (photo 1, 4) had been pushed in. Please note that I cut the box open to check on the product before the delivery driver left. The Left end of the box (photo 2, 3) appeared to have been pushed out, I did not cut it open, I also checked the product on this end for damage. As I said before, there appeared to be no damage to the mantel. The packing material was in place on each end. I opened the box and as you may be able to see it appears that the mantel shifted in the box. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

    I am very pleased with the mantel.

  3. Beautiful Custom Mantel

    Posted by Unknown on Oct 23rd 2015

    The entire process from design, delivery, and assembly to installation was perfect. Michael Richards knowledge and guidance made the entire process easy and foolproof. The final results were awesome. Thank you Mantelcraft.

  4. fireplace mantle

    Posted by Unknown on Mar 26th 2015

    The mantle was even better than what i expected. The measurements etc were right on! I highly recommend the Company and product.

  5. Exceptional shopping experience

    Posted by Doug on Nov 5th 2014

    I ordered the Leesburg Mantel. During the sizing process Michael Richards answered my questions quickly and efficiently. Although there are quite a few measurements the process was great. This wasn't the best part of the experience. The Mantel was custom made within days and shipped. The shipping package was a 7'x 36" coffin styles crate on a pallet. The mantel was then encased in Expandable Poly Foam. The packaging alone was worth the experience. The crate got used at Halloween. As stated it looked and was built like a coffin. Hats of to MantelCraft. Proof that common carrier or LTL products can come without damage

  6. Great mantel! Delivered to us in perfect condition!

    Posted by Matt on Mar 26th 2014

    The mantel is absolutely breathtaking! It really completes our living room. Wade (name written on back) did an excellent job making our mantel and the dimensions were dead on! I'm glad we got it painted because the paint job was flawless. Mantel came delivered professionally packaged and was perfect. We are glad to have done business with MantelCraft. Other companies wanted twice what we paid for a similar wood mantel ... and actually we like the style of the Leesburg mantel better! Thank you Michael and Wade!

  7. not primed

    Posted by Tim on Jul 15th 2013

    My order was supposed to be primed but it was not now the painter has to prime it and their will be a charge to me

    (Editor's note: We investigated this and find that the mantel order went through our system, and the price charged was for an 'unfinished' mantel, not factory-primed. A factory-primed finish would have added $200 to the price that was paid. We regret that there was a misunderstanding!)

  8. The mantel is beautiful!!!!

    Posted by Lisa G on Feb 28th 2012

    The mantel is beautiful!!!! Even with a slight mix-up by the delivery truck, everything ended up fine and we found no damage whatsoever and they were here before noon! You have done an excellent job, and I appreciate your attentiveness!

    Have a wonderful Holiday!!

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