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Fireplace Mantel Shelves


Modern Fireplace Mantel ShelfWood or gas burning fireplaces may be hard to add to your home if it was not built with one, however, MantelCraft can build you a fireplace mantel shelf easily and wants you to know than many homeowners have installed them on walls, at a typical fireplace mantel height (between 46" and 56" above the floor), as if they had a fireplace.  These can easily be installed in your home and will allow you to decorate your home as if it had a traditional fireplace. MantelCraft offers standard and custom sized shelves in a large variety of sizes and woods, with color and stain options for you to customize the look.  These shelves are normally delivered to your home within 15 business days, depending on your selection of finishes. We offer paint grade wood that you can paint yourself, or numerous options for stained finishes.

Mantels can be the highlight of any room. From seasonal décor to favorite decorative pieces, mantels are usually a primary focal point. If you are accommodating a small space, there may not be room to add a faux fireplace.  More than likely though, you can create enough wall space to add a fireplace mantel shelf.

Look for somewhere to incorporate one of our floating fireplace mantel shelves and your dilemma is solved.  This could be a wall in your main living space, or a wall in your kitchen nook.  You could choose one large shelf, or scatter them in a few different sizes. Either way, these shelves will allow you to dress up your walls for all the different seasons and holidays.

Most people would love to have a spot in their home that they can use to change out décor from time to time.  Mantel décor is an inexpensive way to jazz up your home, and create a new look quickly. Whether you have a pre-existing fireplace or just want to add a fireplace mantel shelf, MantelCraft can create the perfect piece.  Visit us at Mantel Craft and check out our wide variety of fireplace mantel shelf designs.